Tuesday 10 December 2019

Christmas Blitz Day 7

God’s light shines in all of His creations, from the Star of Bethlehem, to the angel proclaiming Christ’s birth, to the Son of God Himself—the light of the world.

Through this light, He illuminates darkness, gives us guidance, and shows us how to love one another.

Experience the rich artwork and inspirational messages of A Christmas Story of Light this holiday season and let God’s light bring you the brightness of hope.

As a mother, genealogist, artist, and faithful follower of Jesus Christ, Ora blends her understanding and unique skills to create faith inspired stories that she hopes will give others an added testimony of God’s goodness.

Top Ten List:

1. Spending time with my family and most especially my grandchildren (who live in different states than me )
2. Feeling God’s love (I could write a book about this and probably should)
3. Lunch with friends
4. Writing/Writing groups
5. Reading a book with lots of unusual metaphors (wish I could write like that!)
6. Art and crafting (Creating in general. Creation is one of my favorite words.)
7. Researching (for family history and for books I’m writing)
8. Watching a bonnet movie (some people call them corset movies)
9. Strolling an antique mall
10. Traveling 

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