Wednesday 18 December 2019

Christmas Blitz Day 13

Through a crazy twist of fate, Caroline Clemmons was not born on a Texas ranch. To compensate for this illogical error, she writes about handsome cowboys, feisty ranch women, and scheming villains in a tiny office her family calls her pink cave. She and her Hero live in North Central Texas cowboy country where they ride herd on their dog and three rescued indoor cats as well as providing nourishment outdoors for squirrels, birds, and other critters. 

The over fifty titles she has created in her pink cave have made her an Amazon bestselling author and won several awards. She writes sweet to sensual romances about the West, both historical and contemporary as well as time travel and mystery. Her series include the Kincaids, McClintocks, Stone Mountain Texas, Bride Brigade, Texas Time Travel, Texas Caprock Tales, Loving A Rancher, and Pearson Grove as well as numerous single titles and contributions to multi-author sets. When she’s not writing, she loves spending time with her family, reading her friends’ books, lunching with friends, browsing antique malls, checking Facebook, and taking the occasional nap.

Such a tiny lie… 

Desperation drove her… 

She couldn’t know the risk… 

After the death of her grandmother, Melody Fraser must quickly leave what has been her home in South Carolina. There are those who think she murdered her Nana Fraser. She’s innocent but there’s talk about arrest and prosecution. To escape, this Southern Belle agrees to become a mail-order bride in far away Montana. Several of her friends will be living in the same town. Traveling so far to marry a man she’s never met is daunting. Surely things will work out, won’t they?
Nicholas “Nick” Walker is a doctor from Gettysburg whose wife and children were killed when mortar fire destroyed their home. Eager to escape the memories and ravages of the Civil War, he buys a medical practice in Montana Territory. He wants a competent nurse who can assist him with operations and care for patients as his plans expand for a hospital. He wants a well-organized wife to keep him company and start a family. With his usual efficiency, he combines the two into one job description when he requests a mail-order bride. What will it take to teach Nick that—although she isn’t what he expected—Melody is exactly what he needs?

Top Ten List:

1.What inspired this Christmas/Winter book? MELODY is one of a multiple-author project in which I was lucky enough to be invited to participate. Last year, there were five books and this year there are six. Mine is the second to be released this year. Since I love Christmas and read Christmas books all year, this was a good project for me. I was able to choose Melody’s plot and characters. The stipulations were that the heroine came from Charleston, South Carolina, and went to Angel Creek, Colorado. Each book has the same cover with only the author’s name and the name of the heroine changed.

2.Do you have other Holiday books? If so, what are they and for which Holidays? If not, what other books do you write? My other Christmas books are STONE MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS, MISTLETOE MISTAKE, and AN ANGEL FOR CHRISTMAS. The first two are historical western romances and the last is a contemporary romance set in Texas. WINTER WISH is a historical western romance in the box set CHRISTMAS WISHES: WISHES DO COME TRUE, set in Hopeful, Colorado. As you can guess, I write both historical western romance and contemporary western romance—but also time travel romance, and mysteries.

3.What is your largest unfulfilled dream, and what are you doing to reach it? I’ve always wanted to make enough money to buy my husband something really nice, like a car or something. I’m writing as fast as I can but I’m not even close yet.

4.Tell us about things you enjoy — what you do for fun or personal satisfaction besides writing? I love to read, especially books written by my friends. My husband (Hero) and I enjoy watching British or Australian mysteries or American shows like the Jack Ryan series. Although we don’t go much now, Hero and I enjoy travel. My youngest daughter and I like to browse antique malls. We used to have booths in a couple of malls but became too busy to buy stock. Dining with friends is always fun. Just yesterday I met with my book club for lunch and had a wonderful afternoon.

5.Are your characters/stories/scenes, etc. based on anything in real life? I believe that everything we’ve seen or done becomes a part of us, and that comes out in our writing. I don’t consciously pattern characters after a person, although I may take a characteristic from one person and use it. Characters are composites of people I’ve known and those I’ve created.

6.Tell us one Christmas or Winter tradition that you love to do every year, and why it is so special to you. When our youngest learned who filled the stockings at Christmas, she said, “So, you always know what you’ll have in your stocking? That’s not fair!” The next Christmas morning when I opened my stocking, there was a small wrapped gift as a surprise. Our daughter had used her allowance at some time and purchased a set of tea bag holders. (I drink a lot of hot tea and use tea bags rather than loose tea.) You can bet I still have those and always will! Since that time, this has grown into a tradition of all four of us placing a small gift in each of the other three stockings. While she was alive, my mother joined in the tradition, too. This tradition is so important to me because it arose from our youngest daughter’s compassion and unselfishness and has become a part of our family’s Christmas each year.

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