Sunday 27 September 2015

A Fine Line, The Ancients Part 2 Book Tour

War is coming… Is William’s family ready?

The mysterious appearance of a young girl—brutalized and half dead—has thrown the Crew into a heightened state of disquiet. Aurora and her evil pack of Damned have declared war, and William now wonders if, somehow, the seemingly-innocent girl may be employed in some way as a dangerous weapon in the coming battle.
The revelation of an ancient relic may deliver the critical aid the Crew so direly requires. Its newly-discovered power enables William to delve into the strange girl’s memories, but will the answers be too horrifying for the Crew to accept? Along with the newfound strength found in this lost treasure comes a treacherous caveat, and William must decide if all of the gains gifted to his family are worth the precarious risks it demands.
A Fine Line: The Ancients Part II is the continuing story in the A Fine Line series. This third book chronicling the story of William Healthaway and his family—the descendants of an ancient race possessed of powers they are only just learning to control. Fans of historical high drama, with traces of fantasy thrown into the mix, will enjoy this sweeping saga of romance, war, family, death and the supernatural. Enter a world where no one is safe from the wicked clutches of the Damned. Where love, laughter, family and all that is held dear wavers on the knife-edge between life and our eternal slumber.
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However the newest edition of this book will be coming out Fall of 2015.

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Character Casting

William is the main character he fought in the civil war long ago to make a change in this world. It was after he was injured in the war that his powers came to hem. When William finds out he is a Sacra Unum, leader of his kind, he's not partial to it. To him his isn't meant to lead anyone, however he's always been right there when his family needs him.  He may not be able to see it but they all can. If I have to describe William in one word, I would say he's cautious, sometime to cautious...but that can change.  He's married to…

Caroline, a sweet woman with a good heart. She has was born with second sight. 

William's best friend is Jonathan Buckner, the two are amazing friends and find out in the second book one of the reasons for their uncanny friendship may be due to the fact that Buckner is a protector.

Fillmore met Buckner and William in the Civil war along with Brimmount. Fillmore is my comedy relief character. He's arrogant, cocky, but has a heart of gold, and loves his wife Rain more than anything.

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Wednesday 23 September 2015

Passing His Guard Book Blitz

Melynda Price is the author of several contemporary and paranormal romance titles, including Until Darkness Comes, Shades of Darkness, Courting Darkness, and Braving the Darkness, all in the Redemption Series. Price writes for ardent readers who want to fall in love over and over again. Her goal is to make the unbelievable believable while taking her characters to the limit with stories full of passion, heart, and unexpected twists. Salting stories with undertones of history whenever possible, Price adds immeasurable depth to her well-crafted books. Win by Submission is the first book of her upcoming mixed martial arts–themed Against the Cage series. She lives with her husband and two children in Northern Minnesota, where there are plenty of snow-filled days to curl up in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee and write.

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 When a MMA fighter clashes wills with a sexy private investigator, the gloves come off… Aiden “Disco Stick” Kruze walked away from it all—money, family, friends, and a successful career as a lawyer in Manhattan—to pursue his dream of being an MMA fighter. When a sexy private investigator shows up at Aiden’s gym, he mistakenly assumes she’s a cage-banging groupie.
Ryann is determined to haul Aiden back home. She’s desperate to claim the reward money that will pay off her father’s creditors before the man who killed her father comes to collect from her.
Aiden is done living his life under the microscope of being a senator’s son. He’s not going back to New York—ever—and there’s nothing this tenacious redhead can do about it. Or is there?
When the demons of Aiden’s past catch up with him, he realizes the lies, deception, and betrayal run deeper than he ever imagined. Aiden must put his career and his life on the line to save the woman who’s stolen his heart.
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Series Description:
Against The Cage:
The gritty, rough, and hot-as-hell MMA men of the Cage Fighting Association never surrender. Each has his own battle-scarred past, and each has a reason to resist the biggest takedown of all: love. But when these fighters meet their matches, the battles in the cage pale in comparison with the sparks that fly outside of it. Against the Cage, Melynda Price’s MMA romance series, is big on action and high on heat, with alpha males who are just as unforgettable as they are irresistible.
·         Win By Submission (book 1)
·         Passing His Guard (book 2)
·         Grappling For Position (book 3) coming 4/16

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Thursday 17 September 2015

Vocal Crush Book blitz

Lisa Swinton caught the romance bug early by way of fairy tales and hasn't been able to cure it since. Consequently, she feeds her addiction with romance novels and films. In between being a doctor's wife and mother of two, she puts her B.A. in Musical Theater to good use via community theater and church choir.

In her elusive spare time she enjoys researching her family tree, painting her house, and baking, especially with chocolate. She loves traveling, reading Jane Austen, and all things Italian. In her next life, she plans to be a professional organizer.

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Can you ever out run a broken heart?

Lexi Court spent seven years traveling the world, living the nomadic Broadway life, in an attempt to outrun the broken heart Nick Rivers gave her. Now, there’s nowhere left to go.

When she accepted a position as a high school drama teacher in Las Vegas, Lexi hoped to get over Nick, find a nice guy, and settle down. But what should be a quiet summer gets turned upside down when Lexi's best friend, Taffy, drafts her to be an emergency replacement coach on a televised vocal competition.

Feeling out of her league among the other three celebrity coaches, Lexi fights for the most promising contestants to be on her team. One note from a single voice shatters her summer. Nick unexpectedly auditions and joins Lexi's team. With her vocal crush on him raging as strong as ever, she has nowhere to run from Nick’s dreamy looks or siren voice.

Lexi has no doubt that Nick can win the competition. The question is does he want to win her heart as well or will he damage it beyond repair? 

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Ready for a Snippet!?!
The lights dimmed, the singer hit the first note, and Lexi’s hand slammed down on her button. With that voice on her team she could win the show, no question. But wait, she knew that voice. Dread gripped her like a vice. She felt as if a hundred buckets of ice cold water had been dumped over her head as her chair spun around. She closed her eyes. She didn’t need to see the figure on stage. His voice and face had haunted her for the past seven years.
The chair stopped. She heard the smallest of all hitches in his breath and knew he’d recognized her. She heard the other coaches’ buttons slam down one right after the other, and the audience gave a huge cheer. She suspected the three men beside her knew the guy on stage could win it all and she’d have to fight for him. Except, it wouldn’t be a fight. He’d pick her. She knew it.
She wished she’d never hit her button, never agreed to the show, and never heard his voice now or all those years ago. But most of all, she wished she wouldn’t have to face him, look into those crystal blue eyes, and hear that voice for the next two months. Two months of sheer torture loomed before her.
All of this zipped through her brain like lightning before she remembered she was on camera and how odd she must look sitting there with her eyes closed. She took a deep breath, pasted on her face what she hoped was a happy smile, and opened her eyes.
There he was, larger than life, singing away on the stage, his blond hair gleaming under the stage lights. Her vocal crush. 

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