Saturday 28 May 2016

My Perfect Mirror Review

"My Perfect Mirror" is every person's reality check. Armed with the power and truth of God's word, it seeks to light up your life and bring clarity to your mind: so much that you would question everything else. You will be pleased to discover that all things have always been available to you in Christ Jesus.                                                                                                                                                                                
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Rosalyn discovered her love for writing as she wrote her final papers in college many years ago. A mother of four amazing young men and women, she is also a daughter, a cousin, a sister, an aunty, a wife and a friend, among many other diverse multicultural connections and experiences. 

 Every aspect of her life has given her various unique perspectives of the power of God.  She identifies herself primarily by her intimacy with God through Christ Jesus and by His Spirit, something she is very grateful for.  She enjoys writing and speaking about God, and about the beauty of the human life and human connections.  She is a vegan and enjoys trying out new and strange recipes. Loves to watch nature documentaries, game shows and PBS Independent Lens.

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5 out of 5 stars

Author Rasalyn Ikpatt takes you on a sweet journey filled will awe and wonder at our divine worth. You can feel her commitment and love of the subject through her words. While my beliefs differ ever so slightly from hers I still found the book full of some wonderful truths.  I would recommend this book for anyone who wants an insight into some of the comforting beliefs of Christianity. I would particularly recommend this book for any Christians who struggle with feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem.


“So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another” (Rom. 12:5).
This is the frame or support system that keeps us in balance in Christ. It is a network of how God positioned each of us in Christ for good works. With this in mind, we know and operate within our bearings, our assigned measure of faith, and our callings without jealousy or competition as everyone does his or her part individually but in unison and for a common goal. The human body must be understood as a single unit with many parts for it to function properly. There are no unnecessary parts in the body. 
As I’m sitting here, typing, my entire body is involved according to each one’s use and capacity. My fingers seem to be the busiest parts right now, but my mind is equally busy. My feet know their contribution is to just be on the floor. My knees know they need to stay bent; my eyes know how important it is that they work with my mind and my fingers in unison. Many other parts seem dormant, but if they were out of working order in any way, this whole typing wouldn’t be possible. 

This passage helps us to understand what God is doing and how He planned life for us in relation to other believers. They are not separate individuals but different parts of the same body. Each believer depends on others to survive and grow into his or her full potential. There are no other ways to achieve this union but to do it as God planned it. You need to know how you fit into the kingdom and how your purpose contributes to the kingdom of God. 

You also need to know and see the need for others to come into their respective places in the kingdom. You will be more effective when you operate within your gifts with a full understanding that the fullness of life for the whole body depends on the growing of others into their gifts. You will be more tolerant of others; you will pray more for their well-being and spiritual strength than you accuse or rebuke them. This verse is information that puts a new perspective in our walk, and beautifully changes our image to fit into our own place in the kingdom, while making room for others to do the same. It births the love that marks us as His own. Our perfect image looks glorious from here.
 (pages 80-82)

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Sunday 15 May 2016

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The Making of a Man Review

The Earl of Dentin returns. Eight stories ranging from short story to novelette in length give us greater understanding into why Dentin is the complex and enigmatic man he is. It also includes new adventures that happen between Honor and the next Rhynan novel. 

Passing the Mantle – An ill-fated hunting trip 
Forging Friendships – Recruiting able-bodied men ineligible for knighthood 
The Sword of Korma Monroe – A sword made for trouble 
Turning Point – A duke and an earl plot treason 
The Bittersweet Pear – A marital misunderstanding 
Isbeth’s Redemption – Dentin doesn’t make a good first impression 
A Squire’s Love – Reginald’s quest 
Restoration – A trip to Braulyn produces unexpected company 

Rachel Rossano specializes in clean romantic fiction set in historical-feeling fantasy worlds. She also dabbles in straightforward historical romance and not-so-strict speculative fiction. 

A happily married mother of three small children, she divides her time between mothering, teaching, and writing. She endeavors to enchant, thrill, entertain, and amuse through her work. A constant student, she seeks to improve her skills and loves to hear from readers.

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5 out of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this group of short stories, even though I have not read any of the books that the stories are connected with. The only thing I did struggle with was at the beginning of each new story the narrative perspective changes. So it switches from third party perspective, to first person, then it alternates between who's perspective the first person narrative is coming from. This did tend to throw me off a bit as I first started each new story. However the stories were written well enough that this disjointed feeling melted away within the first page of each new story. The variety of stories means there is something for everyone. There were some that were adventurous, some that were simply about a marital misunderstanding, some that leave many unanswered questions. Needless to say I am now going to have to read the whole series to get some of these questions answered and to see how each little piece of the puzzle fits into the overall story line.
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves being able to quickly enter a well written world but doesn't have much time to read a whole book. Each story can be read quickly but the plot line does not carry on so you can enjoy getting sucked into a story but not waste a whole day trying to finish the whole book. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves being able to quickly enter a well written world but doesn't have much time to read a whole book. All the stories are remarkably clean while still being incredibly well written. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys this genre.

Snippet #3

Lowen Reginald

The backdoor crashed open before we dismounted. An orange feline emerged, dragging the carcass of what appeared to be a goose.
“Get out of my kitchen, you fiend!” Gelsey tumbled out the door after it. Waving a broom and with her hair awry, she chased the large tabby across the yard in the direction of the back gate. Halfway there, the tabby gave up its prize and abandoned it without ceremony in the dirt while it made all haste to escape Gelsey’s well-aimed blows with the besom.
I scrambled down to fetch the carcass for her and offered it with care when she marched back toward the house.
“Pardon, my lord,” she offered Dentin a hurried bow. “The mid-day meal will be delayed.” Claiming the bird with barely a nod, she disappeared inside.
I watched her go until the door closed.
“What a shrew!” Starneck snorted. “I would hate to be hitched to her.”
“Watch your tongue,” Dentin admonished. “Gelsey is an even-tempered lass as long as you don’t mess up her kitchen.”
“Or steal the provisions,” I added as I caught the bit of Lord Dentin’s horse to hold it still for his dismount.
“Fair journey, my lord?” the groom asked as he emerged from the barn.
“Pleasant enough.” Lord Dentin glanced at Starneck’s turned back with a slight grimace. “The weather was fair.”
Though not the company. I suspected Starneck would not be joining us on the return journey. We settled the horses and Starneck and I unpacked the gear. Once the horse work was done and the weapons stowed, I headed into the main house.
With three sets of saddlebags across and over my shoulders, I wedged my way through the servant’s entrance and began the tricky negotiation of climbing the narrow back stair.
I was just rounding the first turn when Gelsey stuck her head out into the passage from the kitchen below.
“Is that you, Reginald?”
“Aye.” I leaned back against the wall behind me and turned just enough to look down at her over my load. She was a pleasant sight to behold, honey curls escaping her coiled braid and slightly angular chin balancing the softness of her wide eyes. Seeing that was well worth the increasing weight of the gear.
“Food will be ready in about a quarter hour. Will that be enough time for you to see to all that?” She gestured to my full arms with a flour-covered hand.
“Should be. I will be right down as soon as I finish with these.”
She flashed me a wide smile that warmed my middle far faster than any of her good cooking. She ducked back into her fragrant domain releasing a puff of savory scented air as she closed the door hard. Apparently she wasn’t taking any risks that the cat would return for another try.

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Saturday 14 May 2016

Where Shadows Dwell Tour

"A Fathers Betrayal. A Lover's revenge. One woman, determined to save them both"

For Lily Frost, love is a double edged sword. She craves it, she needs it, but the asking price for love may be her life.
After her mother's apparent suicide, Lily receives a terrible warning: leave California or run the risk of death. Afraid for her life, she flees. Her only hope for safety lies with her father, a man who abandoned her when she was five. But while she searches for him, she discovers love and safety in the arms of James Prescott.
James is a man tormented by his mother's unsolved murder. More than anything he wants to see her killer lifeless, lying in a shallow grave. When Lily enters his life, he realizes that he hasn't been living. Lily shines for him, a light that finally pierces the darkness. For the first time in years, he feels hope. Their relationship blossoms and Lily discovers that she is worthy of love. However, she soon realizes that the safety she craves and the love she's found may be short lived.
The past James carries and the life Lily left behind collide, throwing the couple into the path of the murderer. Secrets long buried come to surface and threaten to destroy everything. Will they face their demons together or will they let the past tear them apart?

Julianne Kelsch is an author and freelance writer who picked up the pen after the birth of her second child. A mother of four, she believes words have a special kind of magic all their own. With a word you can open the heart or break the soul; you can breathe life into love or distinguish the final flame. For her, reading is a place to experience worlds unseen and lives never lived; writing is the place to create them. 

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I sat quietly on the couch for about five minutes, long enough for me to realize that if I sat there alone with nothing but my thoughts, I was going to go crazy. In an effort to distract myself I pulled a book out of Jim’s extensive library and tried to read. I focused on the words, reading them slowly, digesting each one, defining it, seeing how it played in with the paragraph. But my exercise was pointless. My mind kept turning back to James. Where was he now? What was he doing? Had he found the driver? Would he find him? If he did, would he kill him? Worse, would he get himself killed?
The questions bounced around in my head, driving deeper and deeper in to my brain, but the answers wouldn’t follow.
I couldn’t read. I couldn’t even remember the name of the title let alone what had happened in the last paragraph. I dropped the book on the couch and wandered to the window, wrapping my arms tightly around my chest. It was still raining. I could hardly see through the torrential downpour. I wished James was with me, where I knew he was safe, where I felt safe. In this big house all alone, apprehension filled my gut. Was somebody lurking around the next corner, waiting to slaughter me?
As if in line with my thoughts, the door from the garage slammed shut, echoing in the silence. I spun toward the sound, my heart pounding.
“James?” I called.
No answer.
“Jim?” I tried.
Again, no answer.
My throat was suddenly as dry as cotton. I forced myself to swallow. Somebody was there, somebody that didn’t want me to know who they were.
A moment after the door slammed I heard soggy footsteps walk across the floor, toward the living room.
I instinctively backed away, inching toward the small room off the living room that housed the piano. The piano room was dark. I wouldn’t be visible in there.
All the nerve endings in my body were taut. I couldn't feel my legs but somehow - I didn’t know how - they kept moving. As I slipped quietly toward the piano room a tentative escape plan began forming in my head, slowly emerging through the thoughts of terror.
A moment after I slid into the room I heard the footsteps turn the corner into the living room. They didn’t pause to investigate; it was obvious I wasn’t in there. They just started toward the room where I was hiding.
That was enough for me. Whoever was here knew where I was. Silence was futile at this point. Adrenaline rushed through my veins and I turned and bolted across the room. I would jump through one of the windows to escape. It would hurt, but it probably wouldn’t kill me. I ran toward the window, preparing to launch myself through it.
“Stop!” A male voice cried. I didn’t stop. I jumped.
So did he.
His body slammed against mine, knocking me to the floor. My head cracked against the window sill. I tried to scream but he cupped a hand over my mouth, smothering the scream. “Be quiet,” he hissed in my ear. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He lay on top of me, his chest against my back, a big, sweaty hand covering my mouth, burly arm wrapped around my chest.
It was impossible to breathe with him on top of me. I struggled, fighting for air. He seemed to sense what I was doing and moved his hand long enough for me to take a gasping breath before smothering my voice again.
“Where’s your boyfriend?” he demanded. “Where’s Jim?”
He couldn’t see my face and I couldn’t talk so I shook my head, fighting not to be overwhelmed by fear and panic. He finally let go of my mouth.
“I don’t know,” I gasped. “I don’t know.”
“Why did he leave you here alone? Damn fool.”
“I don’t know,” I whimpered.
“Listen to me,” he hissed. “It’s not safe for any of you, anywhere. Do you understand me? It’s not safe!”
I tried to turn my head, to get a better glimpse of the man, but he shoved my face down into the carpet. “Don’t,” he growled.
I nodded, barely containing my fear.
“You have to get out. Find your boyfriend, find Jim, and get the hell out of here. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” I croaked.
“Good.” He stood, yanking me to my feet. “Don’t turn around,” he ordered. He kept his arms around my chest, pulling me with him through the living room.
“Where are you taking me?” I blurted, not expecting an answer, but hysteria was taking over. I had to have some focus.
His laugh was sinister but mangled. “I’m not taking you anywhere. I’m not the one trying to kill you.” He flipped off the lights in the living room, plunging the place in darkness before letting me go.
I didn’t see him leave the room. It was too dark. But I heard the door slam behind him as he left the way he came.
I groped for the wall, searching in panic for the light switch. I didn’t do well in the dark, not anymore. Too many dark things rose up in the blackness. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I found the switch and flipped it on. The room was empty, as I logically knew it would be, but my emotional state suggested otherwise.
I fell against the wall, my legs too weak to support me anymore, and let my body slide to the floor. I huddled there, knees pulled to my chin, forcing myself to breathe slowly while my bones rattled on.
It was a long time before I managed to pull myself to my feet and drag my limp body to the couch. I needed a phone. I needed to call James, Jim, anybody. I couldn't find it. I couldn’t remember where it was. After a few minutes I gave up and dropped onto the couch, trying to keep the panic at bay.

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Thursday 12 May 2016

Blitz: Wanderlust by Burnadette Marie

Bernadette Marie has been an avid writer since the early age of 13, when she’d fill notebook after notebook with stories that she’d share with her friends. Her journey into novel writing started the summer before eighth grade when her father gave her an old typewriter. At all times of the day and night you would find her on the back porch penning her first work, which she would continue to write for the next 22 years.
In 2007 – after marriage, filling her chronic entrepreneurial needs, and having five children – Bernadette began to write seriously with the goal of being published. That year she wrote 12 books. In 2009 she was contracted for her first trilogy and the published author was born. In 2011 she (being the entrepreneur that she is) opened her own publishing house, 5 Prince Publishing, and has released contemporary titles and has begun the process of taking on other authors in other genres.
Bernadette spends most of her free time driving her kids to their many events. She is also an accomplished martial artist, working her way to her second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. An avid reader she loves to meet readers who enjoy reading contemporary romances and she always promises Happily Ever After.
Connect with the Author here: 

Gia Gallow has traveled the world. Her wanderlust landed her in Georgia where she has created a life for herself away from the petty differences of relatives and domineering ex-lovers. Having settled in America, she has a successful business and dear friends—and the attention of both Dane and Russell Walker. Due to her own family's dramas over dueling hearts, she might have to forget about her feelings for Dane to keep peace within the Walker family, but sometimes even running thousands of miles away can't keep a heart from going after what the heart wants. And Gia's heart wants Dane. 

Time For a Snippet!
He’d be gone in a week she reminded herself when the thought about making a move on him entered her mind. Long distance never worked, and she wouldn’t do it again. He’d be nice eye candy for the next week. She could live with that.
Gia walked around the counter and stood next to him. He was much taller, but she liked that feeling of having a protector, though she certainly didn’t need one. She rested her hands on his shoulders and lifted up on her toes to press a gentle kiss to his cheek. “You are more than forgiven.” His eyes were wide, and she liked that she surprised him. As she lowered, his hands came to her waist. “That was nice.” “It was nice.” His eyes were searching hers, and she wondered if she were conveying exactly what she needed. She liked him. She really liked him. Friends were fine, but deep in her gut she wondered if there might be something more. Dane took a breath as though he were going to say something, but instead he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. At first, she expected that he was simply taking the peck she’d given him on the cheek, just a little deeper, but she was wrong. A moment later his hands moved from her waist, and his arms pulled her in closer as he wrapped them around her—his lips still pressed firmly to hers. She inched back up on her toes and draped her arms around his neck, leaning into him. His kiss softened and soon his mouth opened to her and he took possession. Her heart began to beat in the same rhythm as his—she could feel it from his chest to hers. The protective grasp he had on her loosened as one of his hands moved up her back to the nape of her neck.
Dear God, he knew how to hold a woman, she thought as she sank into the kiss that was squeezing her insides tight. Only the sound of the bell above the door had them pulling apart and the slight gasp from the man that walked in. Dane winced. “Are you freaking following me?” he asked as he eased his hands from her and she stood back trying to ease her head from spinning. They both looked at Russell standing in the doorway, a bouquet of flowers in his hand, and a devastated look on his face. “Guess I should have called,” he said gruffly. “It is nice to see you, Russell. What can I do for you?” “Nothing. I was just in the area and saw these,” he said holding out the flowers. “I thought you might like them. They’d go nice in your store.” Gia moved to him and took the gift. “Thank you. They are lovely.” “I’ll leave you two at it then,” his voice shook as he turned to walk out the door. Gia turned to Dane, who let out a breath. “I’ll get him.” Dane went after him leaving her alone with a heart that hadn’t quite stopped racing and a bouquet of beautiful flowers in her hand. ~*~ Dane nearly had to run after his brother he was walking so fast. “Hey!” he yelled, but Russ kept going. Finally, he caught up to him and with his hand on his shoulder, turned him around. “What’s up with you?” Russ shrugged off his hand. “Don’t let me bother you. You were busy. Go back and finish what you were doing.” “What the hell are you so mad about?” “Nothing,” he said and hurried toward his truck. But Dane was right on his heels. “Don’t be an ass. What’s wrong with you?” “Remember that you don’t live here, right? So waltzing in and taking the most eligible, most beautiful woman off the market is a crappy thing to do.” “I beg your pardon?” “You heard me. I live here. She lives here. We were getting along just fine before you came along.” “Getting along? Are you telling me you’re seeing Gia? Is that what you’re saying?” His brother looked away for a moment then back at him. “No.” “Oh, so you’re just pissed I got to her first.” Russ stepped in until they were nearly chest to chest with each other. Dane didn’t remember the two inches Russ grew more than him, but now he saw them. “Don’t worry, though. I’ll pick up the pieces when you break her heart and go back to your little job.” He couldn’t help it Dane shoved him against the truck. “I don’t think she’s a piece of property that can be claimed with finder’s keepers.” Russ shoved back and even raised his fist to him before they both realized that Gia was standing there watching with a hand over her mouth and the bag of gifts for their mother. Russ lowered his hand, opened the door to the truck, and a moment later he sped away. Dane scrubbed his hand over his face. “Damn it.” “You forgot these,” she said holding the bag out to him. He took the bag from her. “I’m sorry about that.”
“You have to go after him. You have to fix this.” “Fix this? He will be fine. He’s a grown man and he doesn’t need…” She held up both her hands. “Fix it, Dane. You cannot let him go on like this. Especially when there is nothing to be upset about. The kiss…well…the kiss was only…” He stepped in. “Don’t tell me you’re going to discredit that.” “I will not come between brothers.” “So you and him…” “No. We are just friends.” “You said that to me too.” “Do not turn this on me.” Out of frustration, he pulled his keys from his pocket. “I’ll go after him and talk to him. Can I see you tonight.” “Bachelorette party. You worry about Russell.” “This sucks,” he groaned as he drug his fingers through his hair. “Good bye, Dane,” she said as she turned around and marched back to her store. He watched her walk away and that amazing feeling that had been stirring inside of him when he’d kissed her felt like lead now in his gut. The Lord giving and his damn brother taketh away. Maybe it had been a mistake he thought as he walked to his mother’s car and opened the door. A few more days and he’d leave, returning to his miserable life, but with out such distractions.

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