Wednesday 16 May 2018

Temple Omnibus Tour

Starfarers and explorers, the League settled on Kana thousands of years ago. They found it to be a paradise, a perfect, virtually uninhabited planet waiting just for them in the cradle of space.
Lovely Kana … it was too good to be true …

But, all was not as it seemed. Simmering beneath the ground was a demented god who had soaked Kana in blood for untold ages, luring in victims, lying to them, and rejoicing in their suffering as they died at the hands of his dark angels.
And there will be blood again … From his Temple in the ground, the Horned God stirs.
When Lord Kabyl of Blanchefort, a young man troubled by the weight of the world, dares give his heart to a girl from a mysterious ancient household, one that pre-dates the League itself, he comes to know the shadows of the past that hover over her.

He comes to know of the Horned God, and for love he is destined to face him. All roads lead to the Temple of the Exploding Head, a place of evil and death, rooted in the ancient past, but also tied to the distant future. 

3 Excerpts from the Book

1)— Run! Run, Sam!” they called to her. “Run all you want … we’ve got plans
for you … All in good time!” –the “Demons” to Lady Sammidoran.

2)— Look at his eyes. Look at his hair.
It’s his mother’s fault.
His mother’s fault!
Lord Davage chose poorly, and here’s the result.
Crying? He’s crying!  --The Vith critiquing a 13 year old Lord Kabyl.

3)— “Have you ever heard of Countess Fercandia, Kay?” she asked as they
walked down the corridor heading toward the eastern section of the castle,
Kay’s boots clicking on the tiles.
“No, Mother, I’m sorry I haven’t.”
“She’s an old countess from long ago when the Vith still had to fight the
Haitathe to survive. Countess Fercandia was a warrior who fought at her lord’s
side, and she fought with a CARG, just like he did. Her CARG wasn’t big and
heavy like her lord’s. It was smaller and lighter, something that she could use.
It was still a CARG, just different. I wanted you to see it. I thought you might be
inspired.” Her face filled with motherly love and pride. She touched his cheek.
“And, maybe you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Look at you, just a little boy,
yet so burdened. I can sense it, Kay. I know you’ve been hurting.”
“I’m fine, mother,” he lied.  –Countess Sygillis to her son, Lord Kabyl.

REN GARCIA, is a Science Fiction/Fantasy author and Texas native who grew up in western Ohio. He has been writing since before he could write, often scribbling alien lingo on any available wall or floor with assorted crayons.
He attended The Ohio State University and majored in English Literature. Ren has been an avid lover of anything surreal since childhood, he also has a passion for caving, urban archeology and architecture.
His books are published by Loconeal Publishing and include: The League of Elder: Sygillis of Metatron, The Hazards of the Old Ones, The Dead Held Hands, The Machine, and The Temple of the Exploding Head. LoE Book VI: Sands of the Solar Empire was released in July, 2012 and Book VII: “Against the Druries” was released in 2013. His next set of books,  “The Shadow tech Goddess” was released in 2014 with the most recent book, Stenibelle, released in June 2015.
 He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, and their three dogs.

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