Friday 11 December 2020

Believe Audiobook

Best friends share everything, right? Unless it’s a secret that could cost them their lives. Robyn and Kit are born with forbidden magic-sense, the power to see and hear beyond Earthly sight and sound. It’s a curse that haunts them, but the girls are strangely drawn to it—could there be more to this power than they’ve been told?

When they spill their secret, it opens a doorway back to Forever—a beautiful realm where magic-sense began. They learn the truth: they have been given a noble gift. It connects them to the Skyborn royalty of this new world. They’ve been summoned back by the forces for good to preserve the kingdom and revive the power where it once flourished—on Earth. It can thrive again, if Robyn and Kit are brave enough to follow.
However, the doorway awakens more than magical fairy-tales. A dark force is unleashed—one that has battled the Skyborn since time began, and it wants the girls dead, the Earth destroyed.

Beyond the doorway is where the adventure begins—trickery, kidnapping, a prison break, rescue teams, sword fights, magical gold-dust, holographic medallions, and singing orbs—but only for those who have the courage to believe.

Nanette O’Neal is a five-time published author, certified transformational story coach, and professional speaker. Ever since childhood, Nanette was fascinated with the nature of storytelling and how it has the ability to connect us to our higher self and change lives for the good. She uses the power of story to help people find clarity, gain courage, and walk with confidence to become the hero of the most important story of all—the story of you.

A Doorway Back to Forever is a seven-novel series for teens and families designed to entertain, awaken courage, and magnify the divine power within the human soul. The books of the series are Believe, Trust, Defend, Honor, Remember, Restore, and Become. Remember is the most recently released (October 2020) while Restore and Become are scheduled for publication in 2021. Nanette O’Neal is a 2020 top-ten finalist in Fantasy for the global Author Elite Award for Honor, book four in the series. Nanette currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband. She loves her family, hiking, Star Trek, and dogs. 

Character Casting

Robyn: Robyn is a 12yo girl with a long black braid and glasses and no friends because she has magic-sense: a curse that lets her see things that aren’t really there. She wants to learn more about it, but she’s afraid of being arrested, until she meets a new girl in town who has the same curse.

Kit: Kit is a pixie-faced, strawberry-blonde girl with pony tails who moves in and meets Robyn. She’s excited to start life in a new town where she hopes to forget about this magic-sense she has—hearing things that aren’t there. But the curse follows her and she doesn’t know what to do about it, until her new best friend is accused of having magic-sense too.

Cam: Cam is Robyn’s 15yo brother, with dark hair who loves football. He protects Robyn from their mean parents, and has a secret himself—not only does he have magic-sense, but he’s been waiting for his sister to discover her talent so they can join together and learn more about who they are and why they have been given tis gift.

Logan: Logan is a 12yo, bully to Robyn. He has greasy hair with bangs over one deformed eye. He hates her magic-sense and tries to shame her for having it.

Mr. Fischer: Mr. Fischer is Robyn’s elderly neighbor. He wears a baseball cap and is a secret magic-user who knows a lot about what happens beyond the doorway leading to the Kingdom of Forever

Michael the Brave: He is the magical guardian to the children, with a checkered past, but he’s trying hard to be a good leader. I see Chris Pratt playing his role.

Gabriella the Wise: She is the magical guardian to the children with a loving heart.  Jennifer Lawrence would be great in her role.

Prince Calemir:  Prince Calemir is the savior-figure in the story (magical hero in Forever) Chris Hemsworth

Sylvare, Lord Midnight:  He is the satan-figure in the story. (magical enemy in Forever) Tom Hiddleson

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