Monday 18 February 2019

Valentine Countdown Day 11

J. L. Petersen lives in Denver with her husband. She finds inspiration in her adopted state of Colorado and her belief love is the most powerful positive emotion we can experience.

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Logan, the eldest of the MacBride clan, is thrilled at his brother Clay's pending nuptials to Sandy. But when Sandy's sister RJ arrives at the family's ranch, Logan's world is turned upside down. 

However, the sisters' shared past has created scars and barriers against love testing Logan's ability to push aside his need and patience to win RJ's trust and ultimately her unwavering love.

Authors Favorite Things:

I love, love, love reading. The ability to store so many books on my iPad was like Christmas and reading magic rolled together.

Of course, my family is among my top favorite things. I love it when my kids are all home and we play games all day. Although, my eldest favorite game, Monopoly, is now a banned game. He so competitive!

This one is slightly odd, but I actually like planning and researching trips for either my husband and myself or for a girl’s trip.

Golfing with my girlfriends. I’ve tried the whole league thing and it’s not for me. But with just my friends..well we have a blast.

Babysitting the grandkids. I’m really getting into this “sure let me have them..spoiling them..them giving them back” thing.  hehehe

I’ve really gotten into doing jigsaw puzzles. Drives my husband nuts but there is always on in progress on our dining room table.

Starbucks Mocha with Almond Milk.  ‘nough said.

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