Sunday 22 October 2017

Review for Human Connection

During the past twenty-five years, Art has worked in leadership positions with a number of global firms and their call/BPO centers worldwide. Currently president and CEO of KomBea Corporation, Art has served for more than a dozen years developing and marketing tools that blend human intelligence and automation to improve call center phone interactions. Find out more about Art’s company, KomBea,  HERE>

Art has also served as executive vice president of business development and strategic initiatives for First-Source; CEO and founder of Echopass Corporation (the world’s premier contact center hosting environment, which was acquired by Genesys for about $110 million); CEO of Sento Corporation; and managing director and VP of European business development for Sykes Enterprises.

Art is a widely published author of methodologies for BPO/contact centers, outsourcing, and technical support, and has served in leadership positions at Hewlett-Packard, VLSI Research, a nd RasterOps.

What started more than twenty years ago with a presentation in Paris has positioned Art as a charismatic, innovative, and sought-after speaker across the globe. His authentic style of delivery, solid content, and practical applications leave his audiences ready to make a difference in their own spheres of influence.
Without a doubt, Art’s heartfelt and humorous insights captivate and inspire all who hear him. Now, with his number one bestselling book Don’t Just Manage—LEAD!, everyone can experience Art’s inspiring storytelling!

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Sixth U.S. president John Quincy Adams, a man who knew a lot about effective leadership, maintained that the most successful people were those whose actions inspired others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. These people were the ones who left the sidelines, entered the fray, and threw themselves into life. They were the ones who forged a nation and achieved the impossible. They were the ones who truly connected to life, to others, and to themselves. 

Today, the world needs human connection more than ever. It needs people who strive for deeper relationships, not just surface recognition, who come at life with the enthusiasm, energy, and excitement that bind people together. These people have a powerful impact on all around them. 

Leadership guru Art Coombs combines fresh perspectives, profound experience, engaging information, and unforgettable stories into a simple formula that will result in rich connections as you live, laugh, learn, love, and lead those who mean the most to you. Begin today to live the authentic, abundant life you were meant to as you build and shape the connections that change everything.

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When I first started reading this book I was under the impression that this was a leadership book. Was mistaken. This book does touch on leadership, but it is SO much More! This book, as it states, is all about our need for human connection and how to best achieve it.
This book is straight forward touching on many subjects all starting with “L” which explains his subtitle. The L’s consist of things like Learning, Laughter, Love and others. Things that when used properly can help us connect with others. In a world where we are more and more engaged with the digital aspects of our life and a bit less with actual human interaction this book is a subtle reminder for me personally to put the tablet down and actually spend time with those in the same room as me. Feeling the love the Author has for his children made me want to spend more quality time with my own children.
I really enjoyed the author’s personal stories to illustrate his point. I often found myself laughing and occasionally feeling his pain or frustration as I read these stories. And, as he states in his book, personal stories allow you to connect to others. His stories allow you to feel a form of connection to the him which helps you better understand the concepts he is presenting to you.
This book left me with a subtle feeling that I could improve myself. I didn’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged, just hopeful. If you want to improve yourself this book is a wonderful way to get started. I really enjoyed this book and I am sure you will too.

I voluntarily reviewed this book and the opinions in this review are my own.

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