Sunday 27 September 2015

A Fine Line, The Ancients Part 2 Book Tour

War is coming… Is William’s family ready?

The mysterious appearance of a young girl—brutalized and half dead—has thrown the Crew into a heightened state of disquiet. Aurora and her evil pack of Damned have declared war, and William now wonders if, somehow, the seemingly-innocent girl may be employed in some way as a dangerous weapon in the coming battle.
The revelation of an ancient relic may deliver the critical aid the Crew so direly requires. Its newly-discovered power enables William to delve into the strange girl’s memories, but will the answers be too horrifying for the Crew to accept? Along with the newfound strength found in this lost treasure comes a treacherous caveat, and William must decide if all of the gains gifted to his family are worth the precarious risks it demands.
A Fine Line: The Ancients Part II is the continuing story in the A Fine Line series. This third book chronicling the story of William Healthaway and his family—the descendants of an ancient race possessed of powers they are only just learning to control. Fans of historical high drama, with traces of fantasy thrown into the mix, will enjoy this sweeping saga of romance, war, family, death and the supernatural. Enter a world where no one is safe from the wicked clutches of the Damned. Where love, laughter, family and all that is held dear wavers on the knife-edge between life and our eternal slumber.
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However the newest edition of this book will be coming out Fall of 2015.

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Character Casting

William is the main character he fought in the civil war long ago to make a change in this world. It was after he was injured in the war that his powers came to hem. When William finds out he is a Sacra Unum, leader of his kind, he's not partial to it. To him his isn't meant to lead anyone, however he's always been right there when his family needs him.  He may not be able to see it but they all can. If I have to describe William in one word, I would say he's cautious, sometime to cautious...but that can change.  He's married to…

Caroline, a sweet woman with a good heart. She has was born with second sight. 

William's best friend is Jonathan Buckner, the two are amazing friends and find out in the second book one of the reasons for their uncanny friendship may be due to the fact that Buckner is a protector.

Fillmore met Buckner and William in the Civil war along with Brimmount. Fillmore is my comedy relief character. He's arrogant, cocky, but has a heart of gold, and loves his wife Rain more than anything.

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