Tuesday 7 April 2020


Sandra Kindt is always up for a good story, written or verbal, although there is that cookbook she won in elementary school that hasn’t seen the light of day. But the times she’s been caught reading historical novels with a highlighter—because there’s always something to learn—should make up for that. 

After earning an MA in communication, she taught Organizational Behavior at several universities and Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in the corporate world. Her love of writing goes back to the journals she started in the fifth grade, when she fancied herself Nancy Drew. She loves to hang out with her four grown-up kids and six grandchildren. It’s like visiting the best parts of herself. 

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A mangy alley cat isn’t at the top of anybody’s adoption list. Nevertheless, when Grandma Sandy scoops it up into her arms, her heart nudges her to take it home, and she listens. Grandma always trusts her feelings. 

Lots of tender care soon transforms the mangy cat into beautiful, round Chubbs. But when she loses her sight, will she listen to her feelings like Grandma and learn to trust the one who loves her most? 

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Top Ten List (plus one bonus):

Ten Things about me…

1.Not much can compete with a matinee at the movies with Diet Coke and popcorn, in a recliner…

2.Quilting is my favorite way to create beautiful heirlooms

3.I love the entire photographic process. From capturing images in a little box, to watching images edge in a tray of chemicals! A magical way to keep memories alive over time.

4.I am a recovering perfectionist…I have to work hard at being spontaneous—LOL

5.Mother Teresa is someone who in spite of her inner struggles,  managed to live a life of service.   She wrote an inspirational poem that  doesn’t have a title, but has this memorable line . . . “the good you do today, will often be forgotten—Do Good Anyway”. . .

6.I cannot control myself when Reeses Pieces, Krispy Kreme donuts, lemon creme pie and sugar cookies with cream cheese icing are available.  I have learned to “look away…”

7.I am the happiest when I’m with my grown children and grand-children.  They breathe life, love and purpose into my heart.

8.I would exist on boxed mac and cheese to afford Pilates classes

9.My greatest desire is to see the hand of God in my daily life  

10.Learning to find the blessings in whatever life brings is the greatest treasure hunt ever 

11.One month ago my rose bushes were cut back to skinny, leafless little canes. Now they are full and bushy. Hopeful little buds are are ready to burst open—revealing glorious color and fragrance! (I have pictures of these beauties)


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