Monday 3 July 2017

Code Word Scorpion Review

When Trevor Willis offers Dani Carpenter her dream job as director of a new camp for children, she is thrilled. Dani intends to keep Trevor, a family friend, at arm’s length. But her heart changes toward him as they team up to protect Ady, the young daughter of a kidnapped scientist. 

After Trevor testifies against the son of Don Francisco Morales, a major supplier of heroin into the United States, Morales (aka the Scorpion) targets Trevor in a personal vendetta to destroy his reputation and then destroy everyone Trevor loves. 

With Ady tucked away in a secure location, Dani and Trevor embark on a chase that takes them from the forests of the Pacific Northwest to the jungles of Mexico. They must stop the Scorpion before he strikes again.

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Born in Illinois, Donna Fuller has lived in a variety of places and currently resides in Butler, Pennsylvania. At times she feels like a ping pong ball—bouncing from coast to coast and back again. Her grandchildren bring her the greatest joy. She has always been involved in writing, from journals to plays for Cub Scouts, to short stories for her children and as a reporter for a small newspaper. Donna has won awards for her writing and has also taught in writing workshops and retreats. She is the co-founder of the annual OHPA Writer’s Retreat in Western Pennsylvania. Her novels include A Strand of Doubt and CodeName Scorpion.

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4 out of 5 Stars

I enjoyed this book, the action and adventure and intrigue had me turning pages and reading when I should have been doing other things. That said there were a few small things I struggled with but I will mention just one.

The biggest problem I have with this book was the relationship between the two main characters. I really struggled to feel any chemistry between them. Now I do have to take into consideration that while I was ill in the 3 - 4 days before I read this book I had binge read 6 regency romance novels. This could have easily created a bias for my expectations, and so others might find this book has just the right amount of chemistry for them. That said let’s go on to the rest of my review.

The LDS elements of the book were mellow and not overbearing, meaning that someone who is not LDS could still enjoy this book while only having a few small moments where the terminology was a bit foreign to them.

I also understand there this is the second book and while I was able to read it as a standalone, it would have increased my enjoyment of the book and helped me get right into it from the start if I had read book 1 first.

As I said at the beginning, the action was what I enjoyed most with this book. Wondering who was good and who was bad, trying to figure out how certain situations would resolve, it all kept me involved and I was able to enjoy the evening spent reading this book.

As for warnings, there is no nudity/sex and the most you get is a few kisses. There is no swearing nor sexual innuendos and the description of the violence involved is not in-depth. In other words this book is completely clean and I would feel fine recommending it to anyone looking for action and adventure.

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