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Off Script Book Tour

“I kissed Edward Wolverton once. It was everything it was supposed to be—and then some... maybe I’ll kiss him again.”

TV Producer Bea Douglas’s last confession to her former business partner and ex-best friend wasn’t meant to tempt the fates. She’s eager to escape the hypocrisy of the television industry and years of hiding her faith for the convenience of other people. Edward Wolverton may be hot, smart, and funny—but he’s also two steps out of rehab with a self-proclaimed allergy to Christianity.

But after a club night turns violent, Bea loses her sense of self while Eddie teeters on the edge of relapse. Their connection to each other is the only certainty. To be together, each will have to let go of past pain and have faith in a love that never fades.

Off Script is an uncommon story of the power of love and resilience to bring people together in a society that does its best to tear them apart.


He closed his eyes. As the pink and yellow sunset disappeared, a new
skyscape appeared behind his eyes. The LA skyline outside the Void premiere
at Le Chateau. Not a surprise. This had been the first moment he remembered
wanting Bea, a feeling he’d pushed aside.
Bea stood at the railing, exactly as she had more than a year ago. She
chewed that spot on her lip and stared into the lights of the freeway, searching
for something while seeing nothing. He’d stood twenty feet behind her,
befuddled with emotion and alcohol and unsure if he should speak to her.
Her hair shifted with the wind. The wild strands whipped around her
shoulders and plastered her face. He’d been drunk, no doubt about that, but
he’d still memorized the curve of her waist and slope of her shoulders in her
vintage 1950s dress. He’d wished he were free to flirt with her and lift the
burden that made her seem so sad as she stared into the wastelands of Los
He indulged the memory, allowed it to shimmer and transform. Instead of
walking off as she’d done that night, she turned and smiled at him. Her eyes lit
up, all that deep green reflecting humor and cynicism in equal portions. He
could talk to her here, maybe stop missing her for a moment. He moved
toward her, rewriting the memory a little more, and eased up to the railing to
watch headlights zip by like frightened fireflies. Her red nails tinkled against
the metal railing.
He reached out to her in his mind, begged for conversation. “I wonder if I’d
told you I loved you every time I felt it, would that have changed us?”

But the wisp of memory held no answers. Bea’s face collapsed, as it had.
She pivoted on those shoes and departed, as she had that night.

Liv Bartlet is the pseudonym for writing partners Becca McCulloch and Sarah McKnight, who have been building worlds and telling stories together for more than a decade. They’ve logged hours of behind-the-scenes movie and TV footage and challenged each other in a friendly Oscar guessing game every year this millennium. Lifelong Anglophiles, their Monkey & Me world sprang to vivid life on a trip to London that included divine pastries, sublime art, and a spectacular pratfall in the British Museum.

Becca is a professor, a scientist, and a secret romantic who insisted their first order of business in London was a meandering five-mile walk to see Big Ben. She lives with her husband, children, and an ever-expanding roster of pets in Logan, Utah.

Sarah is an Army brat, an Excel geek, and has a lot of opinions on the differences between science fiction and fantasy. She lives with her cat, Sir Jack—who is featured prominently on Liv’s Instagram —just outside Salt Lake City.

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Star-Seer Review

Sleigh lives in a city at the very tops of the age-old valor trees, where babies born defective are taken and delivered to the other defects living on the Surface. When Sleigh’s sister is born one of these 3re-breathing, earthquake-inducing monsters, she follows the transporters to the Surface in secret, desperate to learn what will become of her. There, she discovers a new world of incredible people she’s instantly drawn to, one man in particular. Everything she’s been taught is a lie. She also 3nds out the Avarice will have her killed if her disappearance is detected, so she’s forced to return to her city after only a brief escape, feeling more like their captive than someone living under their safeguard.

Four years later, the stars foretell her sister’s capture and enslavement by centaurs, along with the murder of her beloved, Gabriel. No matter the cost, she’s determined to return to the Surface and do whatever it takes, even offering herself in their place, to prevent both such disasters. If only she’d known what sort of trouble this reckless act would really get her into: putting her at the heart of a prophecy to end human slavery to centaurs, being forced to seek out and wear the lost wings of Hendraya, which makes her the leader in a massive Surface war against a most deadly race of centaurs thought to have gone extinct over a century ago.

   During the day, April Marcom works as a substitute teacher for grades K-12. But in the evening, the alluring world of romance takes over as she pours it out on paper. Her favorite thing to do, though, is to spend time with her sports-car-loving husband and three incredibly energetic children. She also loves chocolate, her five very rowdy dogs, and livin’ the simple life out in the country. April grew up a southern bell in Mississippi, but is now a proud Oklahoman.

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4 Stars

I quite enjoyed reading this book. I will admit that it took me a few pages to get into the rhythm of the Authors cadence and writing style. But even before I adjusted to her style I was already interested in the story and it managed to pull me in enough that I stayed up way too late reading. The world the Author has built is well constructed without bogging down into excessive exposition. The plotline is in-depth enough that if she chose to go into detail and draw out the timeline she could have expanded this into multiple books. However, I think that given her writing style, keeping it to one book was the best option. This also gives the whole book a feel that it could easily fit with the younger set of YA readers in addition to the older.

I only had one real issue with this book, and unfortunately, it was a big one that wasn't necessarily the Author fault. When you meet Gabrial he is described as a young man only a few years older then Sleigh. However, after that one small paragraph, it only refers to him as "the man", using this title frequently, also it described his huge muscles and deep resounding voice. By the time we leave him on the surface, a few pages later, my mind had firmly planted him in the late 30's to early 40's. This made her obsession with him and scenes, later on, more than a bit disturbing. Despite trying to tell myself that he was actually her age my brain had already fixed on him being an old codger and I couldn't really get past it. I think if a different term to constantly refer to him after the first introductory paragraph; such as "the young man" or "the teen" instead of "the man" probably would have midigated this whole issue. But now that you have been warned maybe you can avoid falling into the same mistake I made.

As for warnings: People die and there is some violence, but it is not described in gory detail. This is, however, to be expected given the fact that there is a war in this book. There is also some steamy kissing scenes but they stay clean not going into too much detail. I would add as long as you take note of the paragraph above and don't make my mistake with the age gap, then these scenes are quite clean. I don't recall any swearing, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an easy read that will also keep them involved and interested. It feels like it is primarily written for the YA to young YA audience, but it would be a great book for anyone to read while sitting out enjoying the sun this summer... that is if you are lucky enough to get sun this summer 😉

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Temple Omnibus Tour

Starfarers and explorers, the League settled on Kana thousands of years ago. They found it to be a paradise, a perfect, virtually uninhabited planet waiting just for them in the cradle of space.
Lovely Kana … it was too good to be true …

But, all was not as it seemed. Simmering beneath the ground was a demented god who had soaked Kana in blood for untold ages, luring in victims, lying to them, and rejoicing in their suffering as they died at the hands of his dark angels.
And there will be blood again … From his Temple in the ground, the Horned God stirs.
When Lord Kabyl of Blanchefort, a young man troubled by the weight of the world, dares give his heart to a girl from a mysterious ancient household, one that pre-dates the League itself, he comes to know the shadows of the past that hover over her.

He comes to know of the Horned God, and for love he is destined to face him. All roads lead to the Temple of the Exploding Head, a place of evil and death, rooted in the ancient past, but also tied to the distant future. 

3 Excerpts from the Book

1)— Run! Run, Sam!” they called to her. “Run all you want … we’ve got plans
for you … All in good time!” –the “Demons” to Lady Sammidoran.

2)— Look at his eyes. Look at his hair.
It’s his mother’s fault.
His mother’s fault!
Lord Davage chose poorly, and here’s the result.
Crying? He’s crying!  --The Vith critiquing a 13 year old Lord Kabyl.

3)— “Have you ever heard of Countess Fercandia, Kay?” she asked as they
walked down the corridor heading toward the eastern section of the castle,
Kay’s boots clicking on the tiles.
“No, Mother, I’m sorry I haven’t.”
“She’s an old countess from long ago when the Vith still had to fight the
Haitathe to survive. Countess Fercandia was a warrior who fought at her lord’s
side, and she fought with a CARG, just like he did. Her CARG wasn’t big and
heavy like her lord’s. It was smaller and lighter, something that she could use.
It was still a CARG, just different. I wanted you to see it. I thought you might be
inspired.” Her face filled with motherly love and pride. She touched his cheek.
“And, maybe you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Look at you, just a little boy,
yet so burdened. I can sense it, Kay. I know you’ve been hurting.”
“I’m fine, mother,” he lied.  –Countess Sygillis to her son, Lord Kabyl.

REN GARCIA, is a Science Fiction/Fantasy author and Texas native who grew up in western Ohio. He has been writing since before he could write, often scribbling alien lingo on any available wall or floor with assorted crayons.
He attended The Ohio State University and majored in English Literature. Ren has been an avid lover of anything surreal since childhood, he also has a passion for caving, urban archeology and architecture.
His books are published by Loconeal Publishing and include: The League of Elder: Sygillis of Metatron, The Hazards of the Old Ones, The Dead Held Hands, The Machine, and The Temple of the Exploding Head. LoE Book VI: Sands of the Solar Empire was released in July, 2012 and Book VII: “Against the Druries” was released in 2013. His next set of books,  “The Shadow tech Goddess” was released in 2014 with the most recent book, Stenibelle, released in June 2015.
 He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, and their three dogs.

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Upheld Book Tour

Upheld: Ordinary women discovering an Extraordinary God

Life happens. Ordinary and extraordinary events fill the days and nights, but regardless of the circumstance, God is there. We’re five friends who, over the course of a decade, learned to recognize the heavenly touches in our lives. We share our stories in a series of short vignettes, as glimpses of the profound and practical ways God lifts us.

First as a newlywed and then as a young mother, Rebekah awakens to the daily light that comes from realizing how often and simply the Lord touches her life. Jeni nurtures a child with special needs and learns that strength and support are only a prayer away. Elizabeth forges a new path towards renewal and regeneration after she exits the roller coaster ride of her spouse’s addiction. Faith discovers the beauty of reminders from a loving Heavenly Father that she has worth and the precious gift of agency. Dawn opens her mind to the understanding that no matter what happens peace can abound and everything will work out.

In Upheld: Ordinary women discovering an Extraordinary God we invite you to walk with us, explore the nooks and crannies of life, and have joy in the knowledge that you are not forgotten. As you read, we hope you will also discover God upholding you in your own life.

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Come get to know more about Dawn

Top 10 books:
Book of Mormon, Gift from the Sea, Tipping Point, Harry Potter Series, No
Doubt about it, The Hiding Place, The Secret Garden, Diary of Anne Frank, The
Hundred Dresses, Little Women

Top 10 Desserts:
Tuxedo Cheesecake, Lemon Cream Cake, Rootbeer Floats, Hot Fudge Sundaes,
Cool Caramel Crunch, Oreo cookie dessert, Peach cobbler, Chocolate cake with
chocolate frosting, French and German pastries, Cinnamon Rolls

Five women have joined together under the pen name, Grace Lane, to write about their personal experiences in hopes to inspire and uplift others.  The following character sketches will give you a little insight about each author.

Writing about motherhood and her husband’s health struggles, Rebekah lives true to the meaning of her name—to bind. Life’s experiences have shaped her into a wise, steadfast daughter of God who has the beautiful ability to make others laugh through her clever wit.
Jeni’s stories revolve around the loving care of her son with special needs. Knowing that he will not live out his childhood, she’s armed with strength and determination to give him the best life possible. The bright hope Jeni finds through the Savior will encourage the lowest of hearts.
Elizabeth is passionate about sharing the Light of Christ. You’ll feel this in reading about the challenges she faces with her spouse’s addiction and divorce. Through sophistication, uplifting words, and a touch of spunk, she’s a modern-day disciple “gathering in the fold” and feeding His sheep.
A woman of intuition, Faith has a distinctive gift for understanding people. Her personal goal in life is to help women recognize their potential in whatever role they fill. She writes about her battle in overcoming abuse as a child and her fight with low self-esteem.

A single mom for ten years, Dawn not only believes the motto “Light trumps darkness”, but she lives it every day. Her short stories are about finding God after a heart-crushing divorce. Dawn touches many lives through her unwavering testimony and simple ways.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies

Gina’s grandfather was a French chef whose life was cut short by a robber’s bullet. The only lasting legacy he could leave his family was his passion and talent for cooking.

Growing up poor but with a mother who is a gifted cook. Gina learns cooking a great meal is an act of love. An art that sustains and enhances life.

A world of new challenges, new friends, and new loves opens up for her when she’s chosen to cook for a Michelin-starred restaurant.

But danger lurks where one never expects it.
Can her passion for cooking help Gina survive and thrive in this world of privilege, pleasure and menace?

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Evy Journey, writer, wannabe artist, and flâneuse (feminine of flâneur), wishes she lives in Paris where people have perfected the art of aimless roaming. Armed with a Ph.D., she used to research and help develop mental health programs.

She's a writer because beautiful prose seduces her and existential angst continues to plague her despite such preoccupations having gone out of fashion. She takes occasional refuge by invoking the spirit of Jane Austen to spin tales of love, loss, and finding one’s way—stories into which she weaves mystery or intrigue.

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I open my eyes inside an ambulance. My shoulder feels numb but at least it’s not hurting anymore. I say to the paramedic sitting to my right, “Am I still bleeding?”
“No. You passed out from fear, shock. Just a few minutes. You lost some blood, but not as much as it looked. Don’t worry, they’ll patch you up good. We’re almost there.”
At the hospital, they put me on a gurney and wheel me directly to a room blazing with lights. People in shapeless blue garb, caps, and surgical masks fuss over me, sticking needles into my arm and wrapping monitors around it.
I close my eyes. I can’t believe this is happening to me. I’m supposed to be relaxing, waiting until my mother calls me to dinner. She says I need time away from pots and pans and refused my help in the kitchen. Can’t I rewind my life like a film, back to before I call Cristi?
An efficient voice breaks into my thoughts. “Can you breathe well enough?”
“Yes,” I say, glancing up at the woman with the efficient voice. I see only her eyes.
She puts an oxygen mask on half my face; and as cool liquid courses down my arm, she fades into blackness.
A smiling, maternal face is saying something—about me, I think.  “Everything went well. We just finished stitching and bandaging your wound. We had to probe about a bit. The scissors were blunt. They left an ugly wound and grazed your shoulder blade, but luckily the wound didn’t go deeper. No serious harm done, although we’ll have to wait to see if there’s some nerve damage. If so, it may take a few weeks to have full use of your right arm again.”
I force myself to say “thank you,” but all I remember is “no serious harm.” That’s all I need, to know that I can go back to life, as usual.
“We’re keeping you overnight, at least. I think we’ll be able to discharge you tomorrow. We’re just waiting for hospital aides to take you to your room.”
A day in the hospital. What about Thanksgiving? “Are my parents here?”
“Yes. They’ve been informed about your room number so you’ll see them there.”
Sometime later, my parents come into the room. Mom is scowling, her eyes dark with worry. “Thank God, you’re okay. How are you feeling?” She pulls a chair next to the bed.
“Groggy. My shoulder is sore.”

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