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Tarragon Key Keeper Blitz

Karlie Lucas is a preschool teacher by day and a writer/artist by night.

A graduate of Southern Utah University, Karlie received a B.A. in Creative Writing, with a minor in art. She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, The International English Honor Society, as well as ANWA, the American Night Writers Association.

Karlie is interested in all things magical and mysterious, especially elves and dragons. She is an avid fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling.

When not writing, Karlie can often be found drawing, baking, watching her favorite old school shows, or just spending time with her family.

She currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband and a cat named Kally

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For hundreds of years, the gates of Tarragon have been sealed from the outside. Prophecy speaks of the day the last Key Keeper will return and wake the dragons from their spell-cast slumber, returning them to their rightful home.

Seeking to fulfill her father's dying wish, Anwen Porter travels to the Drakonii Mountains where she meets Tyler, a mysterious local with a secret. With his help, she learns more about her clouded past and her own abilities. But when Courtney, a lovesick mage, tries to insert herself into their plans, things begin to go horribly wrong.

With death threatening at every turn, Anwen must learn to rely on her newfound friends to survive. But how can she unravel the mystery of her heritage when everything is trying to kill her?

Top Ten List:

Top Ten People I would like to meet.

1. J.R.R. Tolkien. I mean, who wouldn't want to meet the "father" of fantasy?

2. J.K. Rowling. If she can make it with an oddball fantasy series, surely I can too, and I'd love to pick her brain about that.

3. Joan of Ark - I think her life story is just fascinating.

4. C.S. Lewis - He was an amazing writer. Can't imagine what life would be like without Narnia.

5. Robin McKinley - She's always been one of my fave fantasy authors. I have a few bones to pick though, about hinted stories that never got written.

6. Mark Twain - He seems like he'd have been a great guy to know.

7. Albert Einstein - Would love to meet the man who contributed so much to how we see the world.

8. King Charlemagne - An ancestor on both sides of the family, I understand he was one of the first people to instigate a public education system for his people. That, and he had some really cool things happen in his life. 

9. Harrison Ford - He's one of my fave actors of all time. He's just awesome.

10. Danny Kaye - Another childhood favorite actor, I think Danny and I would have gotten along swimmingly. That, and the fact that he sang like a dream, even though he couldn't read a note of music.

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Blitz: Sweet Indulgence


Debbie currently lives in northern California where the beautiful landscapes are often the settings in her books. The jagged coastline, the rolling hills with vineyards and the redwood forest make wonderful sceneries for her romance novellas.

When Debbie isn’t writing or traveling to a book signing, she’s visiting her family on the east coast, traveling to other places on her bucket list, enjoying her backyard, hiking with her husband and riding on the back of their motorcycle.

As an avid animal lover and parent to two rescue dogs, Debbie donates a portion of her proceeds to animal rescue organizations. When you purchase one of her books, you’re also helping a furry pet with shelter, food and ultimately a new home!

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Real Men Eat Cupcakes

Annie McPherson has had it with all the blind dates her grandmother and auntie set her up with. She just wants to be left alone to run the Sweet Indulgence cupcake bakery – even if it means she’ll remain single forever.

Jack’s just been through a gut-wrenching break-up, and women are the last thing on his mind. Now he’s on a mission to pick up cupcakes for his niece’s birthday party—not a mission to fall in love. Pulled in by Annie’s good looks and witty charm, though, temptation proves too sweet.

But will Annie’s pesky grandmother and auntie welcome Jack as Annie’s choice or will they have him jumping through hoops to prove he’s the one?

Fans of Debbie Macomber, Sherryl Woods, and Susan Wiggs are sure to love Sweet Indulgence, the first sweet romance novel in the Charleston Harbor series.

This book is too sweet to pass up! Scroll down to the buy links below and begin your indulgence today!


While Annie ran the bathwater for Buffy, Jack helped by taking off her collar. Side by side, the two of them scrubbed, rinsed, and repeated as Buffy stood looking like a drowned rat.
“Oh, she’s cold. She’s shivering,” Jack said, wrapping her in a fluffy towel.
“Bring her in the bedroom. I’ll use the blow dryer on her.”
Jack held Buffy while Annie blew dry her coat. “Does she like to be brushed?” Jack asked.
“She tolerates it,” Annie said.
“This calls for a glass of wine,” Jack said, looking down at his grimy and wet clothes.
Annie poured two glasses of merlot. Motioning to her couch, she invited him to sit. “I’m sorry you got so dirty.”
“No worries. I’m glad to help. I hope she enjoys being clean,” he said.
“I’m glad we ran into each other,” Annie said, smiling.
“Well, I stopped by the bakery first and you’d already closed. I figured you were on your way home.”
“Ah, so you planned it,” Annie said as she leaned into him, hitting his shoulder.
“How about I take you out for a bite to eat?” Jack asked, taking a sip of his wine.
“Nah, let’s stay in. Do you like ramen? I lived on that stuff while I was in college and I still like it,” Annie said, getting up from the couch and crossing over to the kitchen.
Ramen made everything better, especially on a cool evening such as this. After they finished dinner, she poured their second glass of merlot, dimmed all the lights, and switched on the television. With Buffy curled up in her bed, exhausted from chewing her bone after her bath, Annie and Jack cuddled on the sofa, proud of their accomplishments.
They were laughing at the show, Funniest Home Videos, when her phone began to dance all over the glass coffee table. She quickly reached for the vibrating phone.
“We’d like to have you over for supper. Some financial papers came that we need to discuss.”
“What kind of paperwork?” Annie covered the phone and mouthed, “Grandmother” to Jack.
Jack raised his finger to his mouth, showing her he’d be closemouthed during the conversation.
“I have a very busy schedule. I’m trying to coordinate something with the Vickie and the girls and Jack.”
“Jack Powell?”
“Yes.” Annie dared her to say anything about it.
“When can we expect you?” Grandma Lilly said, not missing a beat.
Annie sighed into the receiver. “I’ll stop by tomorrow.”
“Everything okay?” Jack asked.
“Yes. I have to read over some paperwork that came in regarding my inheritance.”
“Oh.” Jack set his glass down. “Maybe I should be going, then.”
“No, you don’t need to go. Please stay.”
Jack nodded. “Alright.”
They continued to laugh at the crazy stunts on the show and soon Annie couldn’t even remember the conversation she’d had with her grandmother. After the show, Annie walked Jack to the door.  “Thanks again for helping me. Giving her a bath can be such an ordeal.”
“You’re welcome. And thanks for dinner … and the wine.” He winked.
“Ramen and merlot, the dinner of champions.”
Jack reached out and gently stroked her arm. “I had a great time tonight. It was just the sort of evening I like to spend.”
“Eating ramen and drinking wine?”
“That, and …” He pulled her into his arms. “And this.” His mouth met hers in a soft kiss. She dropped her arms by her side. His sweet warm breath lingered just above her lips. He stepped back, brushing his hand through his hair.
“Hey, you can come back anytime to help me give Buffy a bath,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.
“As long as you serve me ramen and merlot.” He gave her a quick peck and then he was gone.

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Monday, 15 January 2018

Swept Off my Feet Review

Why my life sucks
by Geri Lazaro

1. My dad left when I was a kid.
2. My mom is in love (insert eye roll).
3. With a guy who is like 10 years younger than her!
4. My friends think he’s hot. (Gross)
5. I love ballet but our dance studio has a leak and we have to dance in this smelly studio that doubles as an aikido dojo.
6. There’s this Dojo guy who thinks the studio belongs to him.
7. Friends think Dojo guy is cute. (Ew.) (Okay, objectively maybe but still, ew.)
8. I’m failing algebra.
9. Need to quit either basketball or ballet. Or both.
10. Dojo guy keeps showing up! (Fine, he does aikido in the same building but whatever.)
11. Dojo guy is asking me to dance with him. And maybe he is as cute as my friends say.
12. I don't know what to do anymore! 

Ines Bautista-Yao is the author of One Crazy Summer, What’s in your Heart, Only A Kiss, When Sparks Fly, All That Glitters, and Someday With You. She has also written several short stories. Among them are “Plain Vanilla,” “A Captured Dream,” one of the four short stories in Sola Musica: Love Notes from a Festival, “Things I’ll Never Say,” part of the Summit Books anthology Coming of Age, and “Before the Sun Rises,” part of the Ateneo University Press anthology Friend Zones. 

She is the former editor-in-chief of Candy and K-Zone magazines and a former high school and college English and Literature teacher. She is also a wife and mom who lives in the Philippines with her husband and two little girls. Her books are available digitally on Amazon and

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4 out of 5 Stars

This book was well written, and I liked it. The story was enjoyable with enough teenage drama and romance to appeal to the YA audience.  I wasn’t fond of the drama but this is a personal preference not in any way a problem with the book itself. The situations the characters found themselves in, and their reactions, were believable and in some cases completely understandable.

I enjoyed all the little details that were included in the book, allowing you to feel as if you were experiencing the environment around them... and now I am craving a Mango smoothie.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a clean YA romance with a dash of drama. There are no warnings, no bad language, and the most you get is a few kisses. I would be completely comfortable giving this to any teenager even down to the younger age group.

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Friday, 12 January 2018


With a love for poetic words and their meaning, a well respected business owner  and native of Beaufort County had a vision. He wanted others to experience and feel the powerful meaning of words. The birth of the Pamlico Writers Group by Jerry Cuthrell in the late 70's has made that dream what it is today.

Since its inception, the Pamlico Writers Group has helped many authors achieve their dreams. Some have written and published books of their own. Others have been inspired to resurrect works long forgotten. Many have come and gone, but the Pamlico Writers Group stands as a beacon of hope to future writers and their dreams.

The Pamlico Writers Group's mission is to help other aspiring writers accomplish their goal in writing. We achieve this through our local critique group meetings, online critique groups, and by offering as an incentive to our young people, a High School Scholarship fund. We're honored to be a co-sponsor of the Pamlico Writers Conference that helps make funding possible for this scholarship. Our visions, help shape the minds of the future.

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Reflections: Images and Memories, is a collection of exemplary writing by our members and future members. The prose and poetry in this volume represent a collage of work by published authors and emerging writers. Pamlico Writers’ Group is particularly honored to include prose and poetry from high school students—young emerging writers to whom we entrust our future. Each writer whose work is included in the anthology has expertly crafted a piece around his or her own interpretation of this year’s theme—Reflections: Images and Memories. The collection is the culmination of hard work and truly affirms the group’s commitment to its mission. With this anthology, The Pamlico Writers’ Group is proud to deliver its finest product to date.

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See inside the book:

Our Reflections

By Sherri Hollister

Chair, Pamlico Writers Group

Reflections, like the face of the moon’s silver glow on the Pamlico or the sunlight’s dappled drops of golden light, we along the river’s edge can view the passing of time through the ebb and flow of the tides. Our native history lives on in our farmers, loggers, watermen, and hunters. Though times have changed all around us, many things here in rural North Carolina have stayed the same. Like our tar-heeled ancestors, we often dig in and remain—even when change might be easier, even preferable.

 When I first started with the Pamlico Writers’ Group over fifteen years ago, I was unsure of my craft, believing it only to be a hobby. On and off again, I returned to the group over the years, gleaning information and struggling to write amid the chaos of a busy household. As my children grew and left home, I devoted more and more time to the dream of writing professionally. A few years ago, I came out to friends and family, announcing “I am a writer!”

Once the gauntlet has been laid down, it is challenging to then produce a work worthy of publishing. I have been on the cusp many times, struggling to have my work recognized. With the birth of the Pamlico Writers’ Group 2016 Anthology, “A Carolina Christmas,” my dream of being published finally came true.

The effort to produce a book worthy of being published takes time and effort, and dedicated people. This year’s anthology, “Reflections” was a labor of love. Louis Edwards, Pamlico Writers’ Group assistant chairperson, designed the cover. The theme was chosen by a committee vote with the hopes that the stories and poems would be varied and reflective of each authors’ individual interpretation of the idea.

The Pamlico Writers’ Group has evolved from a group of friends getting together to discuss their writing, to a serious group of talented writers sharing information, their work and assisting each other to become the best writers they can be.

When Doris Schneider first brought the idea of the Pamlico Writers’ Conference to Jim Keen, the chairperson of the Pamlico Writers’ Group, they could not have conceived of the changes the conference would have on the group. With each conference we challenge ourselves to greater diversity and expansion. We have hosted some of the greatest writers and poets in North Carolina as keynote speakers and presenters: Jill McCorkle, Sharyn McCrumb, Zelda Lockhart and Shelby Stephenson, just to name a few. We have met writers, agents and publishers who have led workshops and spoken at luncheons. We have had award winning presenters who have given blurbs for our anthologies, acted as judges, and served as mentors to our group. As the conference grew and morphed into a state-respected conference, our group has become the place to be in Eastern North Carolina if you are a serious writer.  

February 3rd, 2018 the Pamlico Writers’ Group will announce their first Heart of the Pamlico Poet Laureate at the Turnage Theater with live performances by the top five finalists.

March 23rd, 2018 will launch our Sixth Annual Pamlico Writers’ Conference with Keynote Speaker, Shelby Stephenson, 2015 North Carolina Poet Laureate.

March 24th, 2018 our Sixth Annual Pamlico Writers’ Conference, “Shape Shifting Your Writing: Transforming Your Writing for Other Successful Markets”

For more information on the Pamlico Writers’ Group or to become a member go to our:

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Servie's Song Blitz

Heidi Tucker won the 2017 Illumination Award for her first inspirational book Finding Hope in the Journey and her newest release is entitled Servie’s Song. Her passion for writing and speaking about light and hope has inspired thousands. Heidi is known as a great storyteller who motivates us to rise up and find new strength. She teaches how to recognize truth and make a difference.

When Heidi isn’t writing her next book, or speaking at a conference, you’ll find her spending time outdoors with her husband, four grown children and eight grandchildren. She loves sunflowers, hiking, and ice cream … not necessarily in that order.

Find out more about Heidi at

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The true story of one mother living in Zimbabwe, Africa who encounters a devastating loss leaving her unable to care for six children. In a heart-wrenching sacrifice she surrenders to a desperate plan to leave her children and find work in the United States. It is a door which feels impossible to walk through. But perhaps, the only door which holds any promise.

Servie's Song takes you on an emotional journey of tragedy and heartbreak to an inspiring path of hope. This touching story is complemented by gospel principles which will teach and motivate you to grab onto your faith and move forward trusting that you are never alone. God always hears your prayers.

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Top Ten List

1.     I love to hike.
Hiking keeps me emotionally healthy. It is a space to clear my mind and organize my thoughts, whether that be prayerful meditation or reflection on future writings. I’ve gathered so many thoughts during those hikes. I often speak those thoughts into my phone and then write them up as soon as I get home to my computer.

2.     My favorite flower – the sunflower.
I love everything about it. Their bright yellow color is happy. They turn their heads in the direction of sunlight – always looking for the light. There’s a message in that.

3.     I love true stories.
I have a quote next to my computer that reads – A good story can not only teach an important principle, but make us feel it. That is true for me and for so many others. Life teaches us so many lessons and I see them. I think that’s why I write nonfiction inspirational.

4.     I hate snakes.
Then why do I live in the Arizona desert? Ha! I’m on high alert when walking on my property or when I hike because I’ve had many close encounters with rattlesnakes. I never let my boy have a pet snake in the house. No amount of begging would work. Absolutely not.

5.     I have eight grandchildren.
My four children are all grown and married and I am best friends with all of them. But there’s something beautiful about this new grandma role. No worries or discipline or stress about their futures. I just love them fiercely.

6.     Best dessert – ice cream.
I can turn down a number of great desserts, but ice cream is always a definite yes.

7.     I love teenagers.
I have volunteered with youth groups my entire life. I admire and respect where they are in their life. They are like sponges. Soaking up everything and trying to figure out who they really are. I always see their potential.

8.     No glossophobia here (fear of public speaking).
One of the best perks of writing and publishing books is the opportunity I get to speak about it. I love presenting messages that I am passionate about. When I speak at various events, I always meet individuals who were touched by something that I said. That makes all the hard work and time worth it.

9.     I do some of my best writing in the middle of the night.
Why now? That’s what I say to myself when great ideas strike at 2:00 a.m. I’m known to sneak out of bed and onto my computer at all hours of the night. There is something about the dark and the quiet that allows creativity to flow.

10. I married my high school sweetheart.
And yes, we’re still married 37 years later. When I pull out those pictures of us from high school, it’s entertainment for the whole family!

YouTube Trailer For Servie's Song:

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