Monday 21 March 2016

Saving Sarah May Review

Losing everything doesn’t mean you can’t start over again. 

Adventurous Sarah May had everything, the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect future. But when the love of her life is killed in Iraq, it plummets her entire world into darkness. Emily Frost never imagined an end to her abusive marriage. Now divorced, living with her mother, and raising her daughter, she vowed never again to give her heart to anyone. Food critic Kate Berkhill has jumped from bad relationship to bad relationship, and after her boyfriend dumps her for her sister, she’s decided to give up on men altogether. For three friends, a trip to Ireland seemed like the idyllic, carefree break from their troubled lives. Instead, the emerald isle forces each of them to face her demons head on, to discover herself, find healing, and possibly new love. 

S. J. Reisner began writing at the age of ten and never stopped. Because she loves to read everything, picking a genre didn’t come easy. This is why she has four different pen names and writes everything from non-fiction to horror to contemporary romance. Her non-fiction and erotic romances have been bestsellers on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  Under S. J. Reisner she writes general fiction, contemporary romances, adventure fantasy, and YA paranormal stories. This is her first published contemporary romance novel.  When she’s not writing you can find her herding cats, wrangling vegetables in the garden, or engaging in one of her many hobbies. She lives along the front range of the Rocky Mountains with her husband and two rescue cats. To learn more visit

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4 out of 5 Stars

This book was a simple sweet read. The pacing of the story made me almost feel like I was floating down a river in a gondola; slow, relaxing, and I can see the sites without much effort on my part. There was a bit of drama but luckily not enough to put me off (I don't do drama). The story swaps from each of the women's viewpoints so you see each day from each angle. If you listen to your books with a book reader it can be a bit confusing if you are not listening closely for the break from one women to another.
There is talk of people having sex but it is all off screen keeping this a clean read. I don't know if there is swearing, I don't notice things like that unless it is really vulgar, but there were not any words that caught my attention. Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a clean book that is easy to read and contains a lot of happily ever after. This is the perfect book to read while lounging out in the sun.

Author Interview

Tell us about your writing - What genre do you prefer to write? What books, stories, other

publications that you've written are your personal favorites? Anything new coming up?

I write in a wide variety of genres and keep four pen names because of it. As S. J. Reisner I’ve

written mostly fantasy up until now. Saving Sarah May is my first contemporary romance novel. 

So while this is my first published contemporary romance novel, it’s actually my eleventh

published novel.

One of my favorite current projects is an erotic paranormal romance series of novellas called

Dalliance with Demons that I write as Anne O’Connell.  But on the S. J. Reisner front, the next

upcoming project is the final fantasy novel in my Sorcerers’ Twilight trilogy, Eagle’s Talon


What about you as a person? What do you do to relax? Favorite movies or tv shows?


I’m a rogue alchemist and vegetable gardener.  Beyond growing things, making incenses, and

distilling oils, I spend a lot of time reading, walking, and binge watching British comedies. Vicar

of Dibley and Keeping Up Appearances are two of my favorites. Red Dwarf, Waiting for God,

Are You Being Served, Monty Python’s Flying Circus – they all rank right up there on my watch


What gets your creative juices going? Do you write to a music, and do you want to share

your playlist?

Usually it’s doing non-writing things that gets the muse worked up. Especially when it’s

inconvenient. The more inconvenient the place – the better the ideas. As for music while writing,

I often do listen to music while writing, but the playlist isn’t fit for polite company. It consists of

mostly punk and thrash metal. My office probably sounds like Dante’s ninth circle of hell to

most people.

"All writers must have cats, especially if they write fantasy or speculative fiction." Do you

have a stand on this one? Any cute pictures of your kitty or other pet?

Yes. Cats are a must. They’re like mini-lions, tigers, leopards, and panthers. What could possibly

be cooler than that?  (Left – Amy, Right – Leela)


What organizations do you recommend for those wanting to become writers? Any advice

you'd like to share about writing?

I think joining a local critique group or local writers group is important for people just starting

out. There are a lot of great online groups out there, too. As for writing advice – 1. Write

something every single day, even if it’s just a paragraph. 2. Read something every single day,

even if it’s just a few pages. 

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